Monday, November 14, 2011

The Monstrocity!

From July to the end of September I was employed as one of the four Quicktrack participants at Quickdraw Animation Society. We were hired to create an animation that functions as a loop and that will be projected onto the side of a building. These animations were to promote the GIRAF animation festival that Quickdraw holds every year.

My idea was to play with the scale of the projection and create a series of monsters that interact with each other. I was inspired by classic Japanese and American monster movies, urban legends and graffiti art. I wanted my animation to be playful, colorful and entertaining.

Production was fast and I found I had to work quick and come up with ideas on the spot. After I was finished production we sent out animations off to 6 Degrees sound studio. I was blown away by the amazing job they did.

The Monstrocity was eventually screened November 5th at the Jubilee Auditorium at the Log Drivers Waltz Gala. It was an amazing event. I felt honored to participate in this residency alongside so many talented people.

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